Thursday, April 10, 2008

competition for a christmas tree

so today was one of those days that i went tinsel shopping.
there's a christmas party happening in the summer.
and yes i am being sarcastic.
really sarcastic.
so as i was saying.
i went shopping.
and i bought jewelery.
in red and blue and gold.
ear rings.
in matching sets.
a bracelet.
yeah that was it.
thats to add onto the christmas tree outfit that i am supposed to wear.
or i might just end up looking poor.
and my mom would kill me if i try pulling such a stunt.
you see it's this gala mega event of the summer season happening.
a wedding.
a punju wedding.
and as much as i screamed "it aint my wedding."
i still need to be a christmas tree.
deck the tree with bows of holly.
fa la la la la la.
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