Friday, April 24, 2009

There was a girl...

I couldn’t ever fathom how anyone could walk so fast on any day
“Who was this weird girl?” was all I could say
Would she ever be my friend one day?
Puff. Duh! No ways!

Wrong I was to the very core
This weird girl I saw that day
Soon came to be my best girl friend till today

The shee baba’s
The jango-bango’s
The monishagiri’s
Are just some of the things
I learned from her along the way

Thoughts as pure as an angel
While people might want to debate that
I for sure know that
There isn’t a single bone in that pretty lady
That’s ready to throw a stone!

A very few times in life comes a friend
Who knows what you think
And how far you will go
There’s no pretense
There’s only laughter, a smile and memories to hold

Do I consider myself lucky?
Do I consider myself blessed?
One thing is for sure
Is that life wouldn’t have got to where it was
without that “Go Jo… Go Jo”
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