Wednesday, April 29, 2009

after almost 4 years...

today I will leave the hostel.

so much has happened in these 3 years 9 months.
as much as i hated the place with its weird rules, i really enjoyed my freedom here.

that day, the 31st of july 2005, i was very apprehensive. never before have i stay in a hostel. i heard weird things happen, but luckily over here nothing of that sort happened.

i was luck to have my friend Neefa, my friend from school & college as my roommate. And we literally ignored the other person. i really missed her when she left a year back. it was so boring.

laughter & tears
sadness & joy
heartbreak & love
so much so much happened

i will really miss the freedom
i will miss my room
i will miss monday dinner (chinese food, my fave)
i will miss the late nite calls
i will miss khadeeja & some of the friends i made

i am not sad. i am happy. and glad for the time i spent here. it made me the person i am.
independent, stubborn and freeeeeeee

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  1. namrata11:57 PM

    te good days of hostel and the bad days of hostel


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