Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the tuesday

i got up late
my last months of doing my own thing
so am making the most of it

ordered for lunch
noodles & chilli garlic chicken

wash my clothes
clean my room
clean the closet
throw away a lot of thrash

pack my bags to go home
by home i mean goa
this will be my last christmas
as a dsouza
and the last christmas at home :(

start reading by 4 in the afternoon
soon i start to doze off
phone rings at 5.30
drowsy i have no clue what's said
i hear a bye, will call you later
ok cool
am off to sleep again

wake up at 6.30
keep my bucket for bath
cleanse myself
start to do some crochet

time for dinner
yikes lousy food
still eat a little
banish myself to my room

crochet again
speak to bon
wall-e wall-e
speak to mama
keep crocheting

10.25 the bell rings
lights out
i go out
crotchet again
talk to bon

oh god
its time for oprah
bye will call you later

12.30 am
ok bye
am off to sleep too
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