Wednesday, December 03, 2008


All books are written to be read. But there are some books that you read and just cannot forget about them. Here are 3 of my favourite.

I started reading Shantaram about 2 weeks back, then the terror attacks in Mumbai took place. I was at part of the Afghan war & considering the current scenario, could read no more of the book for a few days. I went back to the book and found solace, as Gregory David Roberts so well put is Mumbai is all about the unbreakable spirit.
I am not from Mumbai, but I am an Indian, and during this time, as I observed life get back to normal, I just could help but admire the spirit of the people. The book helped me under the city I live in even better.

Maximum City by Suketu Mehta is also another book which describes life in the city. A city that I have come to cherish. Read it and you will know what the city brings to you.

Then just a few days back I began reading A Long Way Gone, by Ismael Beah. Now this book is so gripping that I just can’t imagine what life for this boy then must have been. The terror faced as a child? Unimaginable!
We know something like this happens, yet we can do nothing to protect the children. Today as this young man narrates his experiences, I wonder what can I do?

My friends ask me why do I read such books?
Then again why not?!
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