Wednesday, March 19, 2008

why my mommy will love me more now :P

me: brother
peekachoo: yo
me: wot happened abt the concert '
hw was it?
peekachoo: great
bloggin about it
u will see it soon
me: k
12:31 AM me: told ma?
peekachoo: no
me: can i tel her
peekachoo: no later
spoke to her from blore
just when it got over
me: why?
peekachoo: she ddnt know
she called
shel say i went w/o tellin
me: i know she told me
so cool no
12:32 AM i want to be the most loved child
can i tell??
peekachoo: ah in that case
be my guest
i got a bad rep to maintain
me: u took d back row ??
12:33 AM peekachoo: no u nut.. no rows
i was there live in the moshpit
right in the centre
almost got killed
me: but thats so behind
peekachoo: u dnt dare take ur phone out to click pics in the moshpit u moron
me: y?
peekachoo: those pics are of the indian bands
12:34 AM coz it may get trashed
its not a celine dion concert
me: ur pics r hilarious
peekachoo: i know
i got tlaent
me: yah hello i went to a rock concerts too
u not the only one
12:35 AM peekachoo: this is metal concert
u moron
12:36 AM me: yeah
so did i go to
12:38 AM u bubblebuster
i am goin to tell mama wot u did
peekachoo: tell..
i watched megadeth from
was in the moshpit for machinehead
show mama a moshpit video on youtube
me: good
enjoy d last of ur happy moments
12:39 AM b4 i become the favoured child
peekachoo: yeah .. il take a flight to norway and start a black metal band
me: i will tell her when i go home
peekachoo: pronounced blaaak mettaaal
12:40 AM tell..
me: i will
peekachoo: tattletale
12:41 AM me: nnananananan
peekachoo: whatever
________________________________________ 7 minutes
12:49 AM me: bye
going to sleep
& i am goin to tell ma
12:50 AM peekachoo: ok
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