Saturday, March 15, 2008

it was about... not me!

At times like these… I wish
At times like these… I wish I could
At times like these… I wish I’d never stop dancing!

Sometimes life’s unfair. I feel like a dot in this world, and God forgot about me.
I have my dreams, I have a wish, I long for something, someone…
But I know I must go on, I must be strong

Today is different
Today is not about me
Today is about my best girlfriend and her D-day
Today is all about her in every single way

She looked pretty would be an understatement of the century
She looked gorgeous and happy
She looked content
And why shouldn’t she?
She has her man by her side today!

I wish them luck
I wish them happiness
I wish them everything they want
I wish them on their wedding day as I smile and walk away…

This post is for a very special friend, angel, confidant, who goes by the name of Monisha. ‘Moni’ all the best for a life of fun and adventure with your man Salil. :)
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