Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye bye 2013. I love you.

2013 was a great year for me. It started out as a struggle and unfolded in one full of blessings.

It was a year in which I discovered my passion for baking and nail art.

It also presented the opportunity for us to go on a really long holiday to London and Scotland, one where I got to celebrate my birthday roaming in the rain and watching my favourite movie Despicable Me 2.

Well I lost my much loved Samsung S3 a day before my birthday on the streets of London. So :(

This year allowed us to spend most time with our adorable Brielle, my niece and the apple of our eyes. I got to spend so many wonderful moments with my cousin and her husband. Mariella thank you for giving us a roof in London and Conrad for the amazing food. You are truly a chef extraordinaire.

My brother too got married. So we have a new addition to the family. Welcome Priya.

And my best girl friend popped! I have a nephew too now, one who I am yet to meet but I can assure you I am going to spoil him rotten.

Finally, I got to spend Christmas at home in Goa. There aint a real celebration like how we do it in Goa. My Mama and Papa were glad to have a housefull this year with all of us down even cousins.

So yes 2013 was awesome. Thank you God for the wonderful year. I know 2014 will have it's own set of surprises.

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