Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NailsbyJo: Red Edge

These nails are easy to do, while they may look complicated, I can assure you they are not.

All you need is a little scotch tape and patience.

First, apply the base coat. I used my trusty Sally Hansen Golden I. Two coats should do the trick. Now wait for it to dry. While Sally Hansen nail paints are of the fast drying type, I suggest you still wait a while before doing any nail art on them.

Now take the tape and cut it into squares so that you have a nice edge to it. Place one corner at the centre of your nail and paste down the rest. Use the next colour. I used two coats of Maybelline's Crimson nail paint.

Wait. Like really wait for about 30 minutes or so before you out on a transparent top coat.

Let me know how it goes. Share your pictures too to my blog. 

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