Friday, September 25, 2009

Swishing her tail in heaven

Today my cat, my baby went away to cat kitty heaven. Tommy Leanne as she was so fondly called, was more than just a cat to me or us. She was family and will always be.

Here’s to Tommy Leanne D’souza

Missing you
I cannot remember when the last time was
I went home and you were not there
Meowing, vying for my love
Till I gave you all

I know you lived more than a full life
But I still wish you enjoyed more
But I now know you are free

Thank you Tommy for:
Listening to all my heartbreak stories
Silently understanding things that no one else did
Being my best friend, always sticking by my side
Never complaining
Having them ready-to-heal licks
Letting me rub your belly
Letting the little ones - Luanne, faith, Nathan pull your ears and tail
Always finding an excuse to rub yourself against me
Being my flower-cat at my wedding
Accepting Bonnie into the family
All the happy memories

Love you baby! Rest in peace.

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