Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Of late I’ve been:
filing my nails every 4 hours,
making faces at the computer,
staring at the black ball in front of me,
ogling at the ugly guy for no good a reason,
e-stalking people (some who I don’t even know),
typing then retyping the same thing over again,
spinning my wedding ring,
having the sudden urge to fight global warming,
scratching the lamp post,
making a death wish,
making a list of all the people (in my case clients) I would like kill,
uttering curses and profanities at the clock,
realizing facebook is so superficial,
wondering why people sitting next to each other tweet instead of talking,
stare at my phone wishing it would ring,
hating my phone when it rings,
wondering what Suri is up to today,
contemplating what’s in store on gofugyourself today,
starting things and not completing them,
infected with boredom!

1 comment:

  1. haha..can see ur bored here:) still good writing :)


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