Wednesday, June 17, 2009

27 - 20

tada! That leaves you with 7 things you could get me.

So here’s what I need in order of priority.
1. A scooter.
2. Iron maiden flight 666 DVD (special edition) (I think my husband is getting me this, do check with him first)
3. Croc gumboots in pink, size 5.
4. A yellow i-pod nano skin.
5. A red i-pod nano skin. (yes you read 2 colours, not either or)
6. 2 tickets to Egypt
7. A Harley Davidson t-shirt or sticker.

Ok that’s all I can think of right now. If there are any modifications to my list I will let you know.


  1. omg i was hunting for gum boots all afternoon! i'm also buying! but not pink of course :)

  2. @ dramaqueen - they are so cool i tell you.
    so far i cudnt find a six 5.
    they had all the kiddie sizes. damn f&$#@in kids!

  3. i think you should get yellow, not pink ;)
    and for anyone reading this, i too want a scooter. bajaj priya yellow colour. thanks!

  4. @ diti - i mite just consider yellow.
    & somebody please get diti a scooter :)

  5. You have to make a copy! Iron Maiden 666 is truly wanted!!! Husband better give:)

  6. NO scooter :(

    thank you bonnie for getting me the special edition of flight 666. it rocks!! :)

    NO gumboots, no size 5! :( but i got the wellingtons i had brought my mom, so :)

    NO nano skins, nor yellow nor red :(

    NO tickets to egypt either :(

    NO harley sticker or tee :(

    F&%$ U ALL!


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