Thursday, March 26, 2009

just yesterday

It was just yesterday that I was a little girl
All I had to do was play
Today I am not so little anymore but…
I just want to play in the mud
With my imaginary friends
Eat dirt.
Eat chocolates.
Get pampered.
And go out to play again.
Want to stitch clothes for my dollies.
Pretend to ride my papa’s scooter.
Play with my baby brother.
Dress him up and pretend he was my little sister.
I want my drawings adorning the fridge door.
I want a treat from grandma.
I want to play with my Barbie’s.
Also want to rob tamarind from grandma’s store room.
Fight with my cousins and go tell mama.
Not make any decisions.
Tell mama what my brother did.
I want to play with Tommy.
I just want to be that little girl.
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