Saturday, January 26, 2008

The trouble with best-friends…

Is that they are great! So much so no matter how much you wanna hate them for their guts you still can’t! So let me present to you my take on why I hate my best friends – the Stalker, Rockstar & Don -- as much as I love them.

The Rockstar

Ok this guy is a jerk. Trust me, no one can be a true moron than this one. And that’s what makes him my best friend. Well, for starters we don’t a reason to fight! Anything and everything can turn into an argument… a word, an action, or something you dint do or maybe it’s something that some else did that actually triggered things off! Well then there are things in common – like F1, and rock music. Ok! So he may not be that bad.

The Stalker!

Ok here’s a guy, as the name suggests is known to know always what I am doing! How he does it, I do not know. I think he has cameras hidden around me. But genuinely this man is nice specie, and the king of perversity! According to him, what I have come to realize is that every word has a double meaning. Every damn f*&^ing word. Oh may be it happens only when I say it!

What you don’t know about this man is that he loves babies and is fully house-trained, grocery shopping household chores, you name it! In short, excellent marriage material. (Girls wanting his number, leave a message on this post  )

The Don

Now here is someone who I can stay has stuck by me in troubled times and dint ever ask for a reason. Yah he is highly erratic in nature. We go long periods without communication, but boom one fine day we are catching up the night away! Frankly speaking I do not understand him like the other two, but that’s what makes him, him. Should I forget to miss call him once I reach home, I have a huge lecture coming my way. Duh! Even my mom stopped doing that! And this man doesn’t ever miss an opportunity to yell at my random behaviour.

So as you see, one stalks me, the other one fights with me and the other other one gives me a ear full at every given opportunity! God damnit, suddenly my life seems complete.

But you know what, these guys are awesome! I know they would do anything for me… like put their hand out while am trying to cross the road. Or I can even throw one of them into traffic to get them to clear the way for me (ha ha … stalker… it was unintentional) Or I can just call up anyone at any weird time and still get them to talk to me.

Yah and I can still rely on these morons to call me fat any day! And treat me like a guy, no matter how much trouble I took to look pretty  (I am not complaining … just stating the facts)

All said and done, I think I deserve a diamond ring from these guys, don’t you think?
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